Friday, September 4, 2009

JAA-NY Web gallery page submission guideline

To JAA-NY members:

If you'd like your images to be included on the gallery page, please send me an e-mail with images or mail me a CD-rom of 10 images in following specifications.
Image format: jpeg.
File size: Less than 1MB More than 100KB
Pixel size: Please reformat to larger side to be 500px. For example, if your current image size is 2000p W x 1600px h, make it to 500px W x 400 px H
Resolution: 72 dpi
2-D Images should be clopped to the edge of the pieces. The images should not show any background.
Send me high quality images. Please consider hireling a professional photographer if you are not confident taking photos. You should use a digital SLR camera inserted of using a snap shot camera. Please send me publish ready images.

Send e-mail to

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