Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Japanese Artists Association of New York Member Artist Exhibition

I am happy to report one of our artist members' exhibitions. At the Jaany annual exhibition each artist shows only one or two his/her works, yet at the solo exhibition you can appreciate a volume of works。I would like to introduce artist member's personal art activity/ exhibition for you to know the artist well.
The very first artist is JongWang Lee.He has a solo exhibition at Prince George Ballroom Gallery gallery by Susan Eley Fine Art until April 5.
Lee has shown his works and had many exhibitions internationally, yet this is his first solo show in NY. All his works are masterpiece and full of energy.Please visit the gallery and see more works.Prince George Ballroom Gallery15 E 27th StreetMon.-Fri, 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment at Susan Eley Fine Art, 917-952-7641,For more information, visit: www.susaneleyfineart.com
Have a glimpse of the excitement of his exhibition!

His friend came over with his favorite (?) SAKE as a gift. Probably Lee is into RED now. He appeared in white with a red scarf and red and while funky glasses at the reception. Red seems to be a signature color of this exhibition. Many of the painting have saturated red and vivid primary colors.

友人が李さんの大好きな(?)お酒をお土産に来場。李さんは”赤”に凝ってるのかもしれません。レセプションパーティーには白の上下に赤いマフラー、赤と白のチェックのファンキーな眼鏡で登場。赤は今回 の展覧会のテーマカラーともいえる色です。作品の中に真っ赤や鮮やかな色が目出しました。

"My Story" Lee says that this work depicts the collision of human nature and wild beast aspect in him. You see human feet and the body of bull tumbling and fighting in one creature. The frame is a part of the work. All works are made by oil paint,resin, and other materials. Lee has mastered the technique of using resin and oil paint and achieved vibrant colors, bold yet delicate fluid lines and shapes, and the depth created by the layers of resin. Each painting provokes your emotional association.

"My Story/マイストーリー"自分の中で葛藤する人間性と野生の部分を表現した作品です。一つの生き物の中で人間の足、雄牛の胴体が転がり戦っている状態を観る事ができます。額も作 品の一部です。すべての作品はオイル、レジン、とその他の材料で作られています。李さんは油絵の具とレジンを一緒に使うテクニックをマスターし、鮮やかな色、大胆でい て繊細で流れるような線とかたち、そしてレジンの層により奥行きを作り出す事に成功しました。どの作品も見る人の情緒を刺激するものです。

I am sorry that I can not show how spacious the gallery is. The gallery has high ceiling and lots of wall space. Lee is showing many works in small to fairly large size.Congratulations ! Lee san!!

ギャラリーの広々とした空間をお見せできないのが残念です。天井がとてもたかくたくさんの展示スペースのあるギャラリーです。李さんは小さなものからか なり大きな作品までたくさんの作品を展示しています。おめでとうございます!李さん

Jun'ichiro Ishida (Vice President/Webmaster) is having his solo exhibition at Treasure Room Gallery, The Intercharch Center (475 Riverside Drive @ 120th St)from Mid April for a month.I will introduce it for the next report.Any Jaany artist member who likes to have my report, please let me know about your solo or group show. I am happy to be there.Japanese Artists Association of New York, Inc., President Ayakoh Furukawa

石田純一郎さん(副会長/ウエッブマスター)がTreasure Room Gallery, The Intercharch Center (475 Riverside Drive @ 120th St) で4月中旬より約一ヶ月間、個展がありますので、次回は石田さんの個展のレポートになります。またアーチストメンバーで取材を希望するひとは、気軽に古川まで連絡下さい。よろこんで馳せ参じます。ニューヨーク日本人美術家協会 会長古川文香

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