Friday, April 13, 2007

Jun'Ichirö Ishida at the interchrch Center

Japanese Artists Association Artist Member Exhibition Report #2

Jun'Ichirö Ishida/石田純一郎
"Mind Blossom: Meditations on Tranquility" April 9- May 11, 2007,
Mon~Fri., 9 a.m. ~ 5 p.m..
at Treasure Room Gallery, The Interchurch Center (475 Riverside Drive,

Take ➊ subway, get off at 116th street station. The center is at the corner of 120 t ST. and Riverside Drive, but the entrance is on
Claremont Ave. which is between Broadway and Riverside.

地下鉄の ➊線 116丁目駅下車、建物は120丁目とRiverside Drive の角にありますが、入り口はRiverside Driveより一つ手前の Claremont Ave.にある。

The Treasure Room Gallery is located in the back of the first floor just like treasures are always hidden in the back. I took ➁ subway
by mistake and got off at 116 St. station in Harlem. Panting from walking across the Harlem and entering the gallery, I saw the Pure Land
of Buddhist Heaven, there. Lotus flowers floating on the deep blue water and full bloom cherry blossoms by the water pleased me and eased
the pain in my foot instantly.

ギャラリーはTreasure Roomと呼ぶにふさわしく一階の奥にひっそりとありました。私、古川は間違って地

Jun'Ichirö is well-known in New Jersey Artists' community and has experienced many residency programs all over the country.

New Jersey のアーチストコミュニティーではよく知られ、アメリカ各地のレジデンシープログラムを経験

The installation of display panels reminds you of Japanese indoor sliding partitions. It gives you the impression of the screen
paintings in an old temple in Japan.


Jun'Ichirö exhibits many works from small to fairly large this time.
You will be satisfied with his art. Each work manifests the Buddhism
from Jun's understanding and his visual sensibility to depict it.
The works that convey the beauty of pure mind and tranquility also
implies the previous state of human mind suffering from earthly
desires. Jun's painting is a great Buddhist painting.

The Interchurch Center is near Columbia University. It is a great
idea to take a walk in this neighborhood and stop by the gallery.

The Interchurch Center はコロンビア大学キャンパスの近くにあり、アッパーウエスト散策がてら、是非ギャラリーに足を運ばれる事をお勧めします。

Jun'Ichirö wants us to feel positive energy from his art. You can purchase his work at the gallery. (Ayakoh)\


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